The Urantia Book • A Gift of Revelation

The people of Urantia have been gifted a revelation in book form that will bring us closer to Jesus and 'His' way.
The Urantia Book is amazing, but it can also seem a daunting task to some people who don't want to put in the time to read the whole book, hence the laser focus of this site. We have chosen the most pertinent information to get one up to speed quickly.

                   Included above is:

  • The most pertinent text we could find for each question; Who, What, When, Where, and Why we are.
  • A definitive Topical Glossary of words from the Urantia Book not found in standard 'Earthly' dictionaries.
  • A Universe Tour we designed directly from the texts of the Urantia Book with fascinating texts on every stop.
  • One paper from the Jesus Papers with images regardfully added from web. The Birth and Infancy of Jesus
  • A short collection of texts about our only way to Jesus. Guardian Angels are a great ally in helping us find Jesus.
  • A few select texts pertaining to True Freedom. The Urantia Book has much to say on the subject of freedom.
  • The Divine Magnetics presentation, while not from The Urantia Book, will shine as a visible finger of providence.

In the Urantia Book, Jesus and the story of his life are brought to life
in a clear and fresh light, picking up where our Bible left off.

Welcome Back Pastor Allison!

"There is a Destiny which has the control of our actions, not to be resisted by the strongest efforts of Human Nature."

George Washington 1758

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Jesus Has Risen From The Dead

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